Is This Cheating?

Is Getting Assignment Writing Help Wrong? Is Ordering At Done-Assignment Count As Cheating? Is Your Assignment Writing Service Illegal?

Simply Put, No!

"Is This Cheating"? This question is often raised by the students just due to media hype. We at Done-Assignment, are working online completely according to the law. We are the UK-based, legitimate and registered company and has been providing assignment writing help for many years honestly.

Clear your mind, ordering custom written assignment help from our service is precisely the same as getting guidance or idea from any textbook, journal article, pat studies or test papers, getting assistance from a personal tutor. So, "Is buying custom-made assignment from our service cheating or illegal"? Of course not!

Why The Media Is Creating The Hype That Online Academic Writing Industry Is Illegal?

Yes, the media is portraying this industry as illegal. The main reason is that the media do not assess the overall scenario and convey the negative image of the writing industry. It is just a half truth. What would be your response if the media would say "getting knowledge or reviewing the general text books, articles or journal is wrong." Forget it!

Is This Cheating, If I Submit The Custom Written Assignment In The Actual State?

We deliver the customised and self-written assignments as per your given instructions only for reference purpose only. These written papers are actually sample or model papers so that the students can extract reliable information and write their own assignments. These are reference papers by which students get an idea and guidance about writing.

If you just purchase an assignment from anywhere else and then submit it as it is, then that would be absolutely wrong, However, if the model paper us used properly, it then becomes a very powerful study help and is of course right.

What If My Professor Finds Out That "I Got Help From An Online Assignment Writing Service"?

Don't worry. It is not possible. Here, all your personal data/information is in safe hands. We never share or disclose your information to any person, like your professor or parents. When you place your order, actually you make an agreement with the company, and this agreement is a confidential matter between you and the company. We strictly follow complies the "1998 Data Protection Act", that's why we are bound to retain all your information confidential.

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